We are a majority employee-owned public limited company that has been providing quality design services, mainly related to railway infrastructure, since 1952. Through years of established and technically innovative work, we have developed into a team of highly qualified professionals in various fields. We offer solutions for even the most complex project documentation through active cooperation.

The company was established by a decision issued on 1 July 1952 by the Main Directorate of Yugoslav Railways. The decision states that a design bureau is to be established at the Ljubljana Railway Directorate with the name: “Design Bureau at the Ljubljana Railway Directorate”.

The company continued to operate within the railway system (whatever it was called in that period) until 1995, when, in accordance with the Act on the Ownership Transformation of Enterprises, it was registered as a joint-stock company and was simultaneously separated from the Slovenian railway system. Originally, the company was owned by employees, the railways and various trusts.

The ownership structure of the company has changed over time. Employees bought up shares in individual funds and railways and today share ownership is concentrated in the hands of employees, ex-employees, or their heirs. The company has operated its own account throughout its existence.

During the 43 years that the company has been part of the railways, the name of the company has changed slightly, partly in line with the different names of the umbrella company. In the beginning, the company was called Železniški projektivni biro Ljubljana, later Železniško projektivno podjetje Ljubljana and ŽG (as Železniško gospodarstvo) – Projektivno podjetje Ljubljana. At the time of Slovenia’s independence, Železniško gospodarstvo Ljubljana (which had until then been part of Yugoslav Railways) was renamed Slovenske železnice. As a company within the Slovenian Railways system, our company was named SŽ – Projektivno podjetje Ljubljana. The abbreviation SŽ in the company name at that time actually stood for the name of the umbrella company. However, when the joint-stock company was established and the company was separated from the Slovenian Railways system, it continued on its independent path with the same name and the addition d.d. (joint-stock company). Since then, the abbreviation at the beginning of the company name has come to stand for our motto “We design railways!”.

Technical areas

  • Preparation of project documentation for:
    • New buildings
      • railway lines,
      • train stations,
      • train stops,
      • industrial tracks,
    • upgrades to existing lines and stations (to improve line parameters – speed, axle loads, etc.),
    • renovation (overhaul) of existing lines, stations and industrial tracks,
    • road crossings with railway lines (at-grade and off-grade),
    • road diversions, link roads.

  • Preparation of project documentation for:
    • the rail rolling stock network (new buildings, upgrades, renewals),
    • traction substations (new constructions, upgrades, renovations, etc.),
    • outdoor lighting,
    • electrical installations in buildings and other structures.

  • Preparation of project documentation for new construction, renovation and rehabilitation:
    • bridges, overpasses, underpasses, underpasses, overpasses, viaducts, culverts,
    • retaining and retaining walls.

  • Preparing project documentation for new construction, renovation or rehabilitation:
    • different buildings or outbuildings,
    • canopies,
    • shelters.


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